Amazon Christmas Gift Guide 2018

Alright y’all, I know you love AMAZON shopping as much as I do! Specially for Christmas shopping. Who doesn’t want to cuddle up on the couch, sip on wine, and cross things off your Christmas list?!

I’ve put together my own Amazon Christmas Gift Guide for you guys! I’ve put together some of my favorite items, and searched around for some items I think would be awesome gifts!

#1, Yeti Can Cooler for the beer drinker in your life! This will keep your beer colder, longer and keeps it from getting condensation everywhere. It fits cans, and long necks! I would pair it with a pack of their favorite beer or soda!

#2, Coffee mug for the Papa in your life! I think this is such a cute and thoughtful gift. I love the idea of filling the mug with some nice coffee beans, chocolates or their favorite candies!

#3, I was going to buy these boots for my hubby, but he found them in my cart before I got a chance to buy them, and then he wouldn’t let me get them since we agreed not to buy each other presents! Lol epic fail. These are such nice boots, I love that they look nice enough that they can be dressed up but used for outdoor/work boots as well!

#4, I’m loving these travel mugs! They come in a couple different sizes, and TONS of different colors! I love that they also come with a straw for cold drinks! Fill it with a coffee gift card, or their favorite candy!

#5, I’ve been obsessing over these beanies with the cute pom pom! I love that this one has the option to take the pom pom off! They have tons of different colors and a great price as well!

#6, If you read my previous blog post, you know how much I love these short daily devotionals. This makes a great gift for the Godly woman in your life! I love the idea of writing a little note in the front or adding some cute little notes throughout the book! (Like on their birthday!)

#7, This little air fryer has been on my own wish list for a while! I think this would make a great gift for the foodie or cook in your life! Adding in an Air Fryer Cookbook would be a great little added bonus!

#8, You just can’t go wrong with a Sherpa blanket! Everyone loves getting blankets, right?! I love adding candles, tea, and a book to make a cute and “relaxing theme!”

#9, These memory foam fur slippers are perfect for any woman in your life! Mom, Mom in law, sister, best friend… you name it!

#10, I love this flask with the American flag on it! I would pair this with a nice bottle of whiskey.

#11, At the end of the day, don’t we all want a foot massager?! Lol! Perfect gift for someone who works on their feet all day long!

#12, I LOVE giving games as gifts! You are not only giving that person a physical gift, but you are also giving them an experience… something that’s going to give them memories! It’s a great gift for couples, or families. I have this game and we have so much fun and laugh so hard while playing it!

I hope this list gave you some inspiration with your own Christmas Shopping list!

Merry Christmas!



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