House Guests

We have friends from out of town coming to stay with us this weekend, and many people have out of town guests stay with them this time of year so I thought it was the perfect time to share my top tips to making your guest feel at home!

#1 Make up their bed BEFORE they arrive

If you have a dedicated guest bedroom, make sure you go in and make sure the sheets are clean, the bed is made, and the room is tidied.

If you don’t have a dedicated guest room, and maybe you are using an air mattress for your guests, make sure you blow up the mattress and put on the sheets beforehand! Nothing makes your guest feel more awkward and out of place than you digging around the garage looking for your air mattress, and trying to find some sheets and blankets for them!

#2 Make sure they have access to clean towels, blankets, and toiletries

I always make sure my guest room has 2 extra clean towels (as well as clean towels in the guest bathroom) an extra blanket or two… (if your guest is freezing at night, they are not going to want to come ask you for another blanket!) as well as stocking up the guest bathroom with any toiletries they might need… maybe they forgot shampoo and conditioner, or toothpaste. I keep travel size things in the shower for them just in case! You’ll also want to make sure the bathroom is stocked up on toilet paper. Nothing makes you more uncomfortable than running out of toilet paper at someone else’s house! 😬

#3 Give your guests the WiFi password

I mean we all want the WiFi password, but as a guest you might feel awkward or tacky asking for it. So just give it to them so they don’t have to ask! I just made this little sign on the free app Word Swag, printed it and framed it! Quick, easy and budget friendly!

#4 Have a coffee bar set up

If your guests wake up before you, it’s nice to have the coffee pot ready for them so they aren’t digging around in the cupboards looking for coffee beans or having to fill the water. I have a Keurig, so I always keep the water full, a clean mug out and the Kcups are in a container right next to the Keurig. Also, make sure you have creamer options!

#5 Relax and enjoy the company!

Guests can feel if you are uptight or worried about making them feel comfortable, they don’t want to be a burden either, so just relax! Show them where they can find things, and of course offer to grab them water or something to eat, but other than that… just sit back, relax and enjoy each other’s company! Guests become family!

I love hosting, and truly enjoy opening up my home to our friends and family! Do you enjoy hosting?

I hope you found these tips helpful as we come up on the holidays and having family in town!

Happy hosting!



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