It’s never too late!

Ok, ok… I admit. My 2018 goal this year was to read 1 book a month…well, it’s now December and I think I’m on my 5th book 🙈

To be honest, I got stuck on a book… I was totally not interested in it and I kept trying to pick it up and read it, but never got past page 50. I was stuck on that book for about 6 months, not even joking! My hubby finally said to me “why don’t you just pick a different book? It’s ok if you’re not interested in the book. I always tell my 4th graders, choose a book… give it until page 50 or so, and if you’re not interested, you can choose a different book!”

Gosh, isn’t this is so relatable for so many different aspects of ours lives!? Do you ever feel like it’s too late to change directions? Like you have something to prove to… “I chose this, I will follow through!” No matter how much I dislike it now… 😂

That’s literally how I felt with this book that I couldn’t force myself to be interested in… I chose the book, how could I not follow through with finishing it?! I felt like I was quitting on the book.

So, instead of realizing that I just wasn’t interested in this book, and it was ok to set it aside and pick up a new book that I would be more interested in and actually enjoy … I let it sit on my nightstand for 6+ months, and I didn’t touch another book… “because I was still reading this one, that I chose, that I was trying to force myself to enjoy” 🙄 Can you believe that?

Y’all how silly does this sound when talking about books? Yes, this is a legit story… but do you realize people do this ALL THEIR LIVES? People every single day wake up and go to a job they are miserable in because this is the “career path” they chose and it’s “too late” to change paths. I’m here to tell you, it’s NEVER TOO LATE!

YES, maybe people will judge you for leaving your secure career, that you probably even had to go to school for and that probably terrifies you… but if you don’t LOVE it and you’re no longer interested in it and you are forcing yourself to get up everyday and try to enjoy it.. CHANGE NEEDS TO HAPPEN. So what if you have to do some soul searching and hop around a few jobs before you find the one that really brings you joy and fulfillment. Life is about the journey, not the destination!

Just my thoughts for today!



One Reply to “It’s never too late!”

  1. I love this!! This is soooo me! I always want to finish what I start no matter how much I dislike it. Not just books. Like there is some law that says I have to. LOL! Thanks for the permission to “find a different book”!


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